A History of the Sudan

Autore: P.M. Holt & M.W. Daly

Editore: Fourth Edition

Riportiamo l'introduzione del libro, scritto in inglese.... This fourth edition of P. M. Holt and M. W. Daly’s well – known History of the Sudan is appearing for the first time under the Longman imprint. As before, the authors descrive the making of the modern Sudan over the last 150 years. Starting with a brief account of the early history of the region from the first contacts between the Muslim Arabs and the Christian Nubians, the authors take us in detail from the Turco-Egyptian period, through the Mahdist Revolution and the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium, to the independent Republic of today. In this new editino they have extended their coverage to 1986. The new material describes the last years of Jaafar Nimeiri’s government to his fall from power in 1985; the subsequent transitional military regime; and the return to parluiamentary rule. But this book is more than just a politixcal narrative. Professor Holt and Dr Daly explain how the modern Sudan has been shaped by three key elements in its history: the influence of the Ottoman Empire; the impact of British domination; and, above all else, the enduring indigenous tyradition of the region,produced by the intermingling of its African and Arab Muslim inheritance, which forms the basis of Sudanese nationality, religion and culture. Clear, readable and succint, this new, fully revised and updated editino of a History of the Sudan i san ideal introduction for students, scholoars and general readers. Its reappearance will be widely welcomed.

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